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Wiwide channel partner strategy
The channel partner strategy of Wiwide aims to create a sustainable channel ecological platform, join hands with channel providers and channel sales elites to jointly provide industry-leading smart retail products, solutions and high-quality services to a wider range of industry customers, and achieve a win-win situation in the whole region.
Channel Advantage
Channel Advantage
Leading solutions
Wiwide is a leading provider of smart retail solutions. It has been deeply involved in the retail market for 14 years, and has continued to carry out basic technology research and development. With many independent intellectual property products in intelligent hardware, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing platforms, which have been successfully applied to eight industries, including retail chains, shopping centers, airport transportation, hotels, cultural and tourism places.
Numerous benchmarking cases
Wiwide  has served more than 400000 commercial sites, 2000+shopping centers, 500+well-known chain brands, 30+high-throughput airports, and 200+domestic large top three hospitals, including Wanda Plaza, Starbucks, Burger King, Li Ning, Estee Lauder, Yonghui Supermarket, Beijing capital International Airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport and other leading brands in the industry.
Continuous profit model
Wiwide's products include front-end intelligent hardware, unified cloud management platform and many SAAS applications. It provides customers with a service model of ordering on demand and continuous payment, and works with channel partners to build a sales model that can generate continuous revenue to improve customer stickiness.
Strong service support
Create an online+offline service mode for channel partners, realize the dual service system of "online intelligent one button matching scheme+offline complete channel service support", provide strong project support capability for channel partners, and become the most solid backing for partners.
Channel Rights
Channel Rights
Training support
Provide and regularly organize the sales and technical teams of partner with training, communicate with the product and service teams of Wiwide, and form a closer cooperation system.
Market support
Club will empower agents through a series of marketing campaigns, such as product launches, customer salons, media campaigns and other marketing activities.
Project support
In the actual project, Wiwide will provide full support for member enterprises, including early systematic training, market research, customer development, and relevant support and experience summary after the project encounters problems.
Service support
Wiwide has a complete service support system, which can provide member enterprises with all-round service support and guarantee such as pre-sales consultation, project implementation and after-sales service.
Wiwide Club provides member enterprises with the rights and interests of rebate withdrawal to maximizeThe profit space of member enterprises is truly win-win.
Channel Activity
Channel Activity
Salon activities
Channel Conference
Sales promotion
Business Inquiries
After-sales Consultation
7*24 hours customer service hotline
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