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WiSmart 6

Fast experience, the latest generation of Wi Fi 6 dual band wireless router
WiSmart 6 is a dual band wireless router based on 802.11ax standard. It combines Wiwide cloud platform to achieve network coverage, terminal authentication, and network security.

Product Features

Stronger signal
Coverage and wall penetration ability, comprehensively improved
Ultra high concurrency
More connections
Speed faster
Commercial benchmark, fast experience
Customizing Portal
Meet customers' personalized and marketing needs
Unified management
Cloud configuration and management to solve the problem of operation and maintenance implementation

Support Application


Customize the authentication page and the merchant homepage. When users log in to the network for the first time, they can display the customized authentication page; The online pages of users can display business information and configure various marketing applications.

Statistics of the Wi Fi traffic of various places of merchants, including the bandwidth usage of "daily, weekly and monthly", and display the traffic ranking of each time period and the traffic usage ranking of various places.

The terminal connected to the basic network in the site shall be managed according to the category, and the MAC address shall be used for filtering and speed limit management to ensure the security of terminal access and reasonable bandwidth utilization.

The health check of single or combined items shall be carried out according to the three dimensions of "connectivity, network speed and self inspection" of the site equipment to understand the operation status of the site's basic network equipment.


Working temperature-10℃~45℃
Operating humidity5%~95%
Installation methodDesktop/wall hanging/ceiling
Power consumption<15.4W
PowerPoE 48V/0.5A
Weightabout 250g
Wireless standardsIEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax
Transmission speedHighest supported 1800Mbps
Wireless configuration2T2R
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