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WiSwitch S2404P

PoE access switch
With innovative hardware structure and software platform, it has powerful processing capacity and complete security, and protection mechanism, which makes management and maintenance simple and easy, and fully meets the requirements of high density. User access and high-performance aggregation are ideal for the convergence layer or access layer of medium and large networks.

Product Features

Strong stability
7x24 hours of stable operation, continuous
Leading algorithm
Customizable algorithms adapt to different industry needs
Accurate counting
The accuracy rate is greater than 98% in the standard scenario
overload protection
Multifunctional lightning protection and short circuit protection to ensure circuit safety
Multiple perspectives
Panoramic aerial view can be switched freely to gain insight into the whole scene
Flexible installation
Track, bracket, embedded installation
More secure
Complete security protection mechanism to ensure network security
Panorama heat map
Help store plan and move forward to gain insight into the popularity of goods
Aesthetic shape
Compact shape and novel design
Load balancing
Effectively increase link bandwidth and realize link backup
Aesthetic shape
One can be used as multiple, and the appearance is more exquisite
High integration
Integration of collection, recognition and upload functions
PoE port
High power PoE power supply port to meet power supply requirements
Protect privacy
Do not collect customer information to effectively protect privacy
Strong applicability
Widely applicable to shopping mall chain stores and other scenarios

Support Application


Statistics of the Wi Fi traffic of various places of merchants, including the bandwidth usage of "daily, weekly and monthly", and display the traffic ranking of each time period and the traffic usage ranking of various places.

The health check of single or combined items shall be carried out according to the three dimensions of "connectivity, network speed and self inspection" of the site equipment to understand the operation status of the site's basic network equipment.


Temperature0°C ~ 45°C
PoE24 PoE ports,single port Max 30W,Total power 410W
VLANsupport 4K VLAN,Support Access、Trunk and Hybrid
Input power100 ~ 240VAC,50/60Hz
Storage temperature-40°C ~ 70°C
LEDPower indicator:1PCS
Ethernet port LEDs:24PCS
Dimensions440×284×44 mm
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