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WiMaster T

Multi service intelligent wireless controller for small and medium-sized stores
WiMaster T is a wireless controller based on Wiwide's self-developed WiOS system. Combined with Mai Weidi Cloud platform, it realizes AP centralized management, terminal authentication management, and network supervision audit compliance.

Product Features

Stable and reliable
7x24 hours of stable operation and uninterrupted network
More secure
Internal network environment vulnerability scanning to ensure network security
Easy to maintain
Cloud unified configuration management, remote upgrade and maintenance
Flexible certification
Support multiple authentication methods to increase user access
Convenient networking
Support multiple networking modes to meet different requirements

Support Application


Customize the authentication page and the merchant homepage. When users log in to the network for the first time, they can display the customized authentication page; The online pages of users can display business information and configure various marketing applications.

Statistics of the Wi Fi traffic of various places of merchants, including the bandwidth usage of "daily, weekly and monthly", and display the traffic ranking of each time period and the traffic usage ranking of various places.

SD-WAN is a network service that applies SDN technology to enterprise wide area interconnection scenarios. From the perspective of application scenarios, SD-WAN is the evolution of enterprise WAN interconnection solutions, focusing on the intelligence and service of enterprise branch interconnection, so as to simplify the complexity of network deployment and improve the utilization of network bandwidth.

The terminal connected to the basic network in the site shall be managed according to the category, and the MAC address shall be used for filtering and speed limit management to ensure the security of terminal access and reasonable bandwidth utilization.

The health check of single or combined items shall be carried out according to the three dimensions of "connectivity, network speed and self inspection" of the site equipment to understand the operation status of the site's basic network equipment.


Temperature0℃~ 40℃
Humidity10% ~ 90%RH
WAN accessPPPOE/Static IP/DHCP Client
Access capacityMaximum 512 terminals
PowerDC 12V/1A
Storage temperature-40°C ~ 70°C
LEDPower indicator: 1 (red)
Ethernet port indicators: 5 (green)
Business Inquiries
After-sales Consultation
7*24 hours customer service hotline