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WiPano Panoramic people counting camera

The first multi-function panoramic people counting camera in the industry
​Wipano Mini is a panoramic AI camera, which combines target detection, trajectory tracking and action recognition algorithms to realize the panoramic remote viewing, panoramic people counting and SOP event perception of stores.

Product Features

Support Application

Panoramic people counting
Panoramic remote viewing
Sales funnel analysis
SOP event awareness

360 degree insight into the length/person time of customers' stay in different areas of store, as well as their action routes and tracks, forming a panoramic heat map and moving trajectory.

Assist in optimizing the layout of places, commodity display, etc.

360 degree full angle remote viewing store, real-time grasp of the store's operating conditions, timely find problems, rectify problems, and achieve intelligent shop inspection,

Improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of shop supervise.


Sales funnel analysis and modeling are realized based on the customer's entry rate, in-depth interview rate, commodity touch rate, and sales data, and the links and factors that affect sales are accurately positioned, so as to timely rectify and improve the store performance.

Accurately perceive and identify various behaviors of customers and shop assistants in the store, such as commodity touch, shopping guide service, etc., and deeply insight into customers' consumption habits and preferences,

And standardized shop assistant service.



Wipano Mini Panoramic Camera
Encoding formatH.265; H.264; MJPEG
IRBuilt in IR, effective distance 20m
Maximum frame rate30fps
resolving power2816*2816

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