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Commercial Iot Network Solutions

Through the basic IoT architecture, broadband and cloud broadband, network security compliance and other general solutions, create an efficient IoT network for business scenarios, enable extensive connectivity and real-time data interaction between the site's personnel, equipment, and SaaS applications, and help the site's daily operation and management become networked, digital, and intelligent.


Production business continuity

Multi link export of stores to ensure that production business "never drops"



Key business (high priority)

Key business and guest Internet access use same network resources to ensure absolute priority of key business


Intranet service security

Intranet is isolated from available network and protected with security, which ensures the intranet security while saving the hardware cost


Reliability of key equipment

The key equipment such as exit gateway of the store is stable and reliable, and can adapt to various harsh environment

Precise flow control to provide customers with a fair online environment while ensuring key business


Using communities to help users quickly build a new ecology of private domain traffic


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