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People counting solution


Key Features

Key Features

•      01

Precise counting with AI

Based on deep learning models trained using millions of sample data from thousands of real scenes,  achieves 98+% counting

 accuracy and is robust under various conditions including high volume traffic, shadows and strong or dim lighting environment.

•      02

Staff Exclusion

Staff activities typically account for 30% to 50% of flow counts, which makes it essential to deduct the staff counts from the 

overall traffic counts in order to obtain the real customer counts. TrueFlow technology which is tag/dangle free, customer 

privacy assured and no need for staff pre-registration. This innovation solves a long-standing technical challenge in the industry.


•      03

Entry Rate

Designed with a large coverage, people counting sensor can measure both the pass by flow as well as the entering traffic. 

The ratio between the two quantities is the entry rate which is a crucial KPI for store operations.


•      04


When a visitor stays in the store zones for more than a certain period of time (default 10 seconds), system will judge as a 

dwell visitor, and the accumulated dwell visitors form a heat map to determine which parts of the store are popular zone.

•      05

Visitor Demographics

Visitor attributes such as age gender can be recognized. These measurements can be useful for visitor segmentation, 

assortment analysis.

•      06

Visitor journey

Wiwide's retail solution is able to analyze the main patterns of visitor journey, which can be applied to optimize the store

 layout, facilitate visitor flow, and to reduce “cold” areas with few visits.

•      07

Queue Management

By measuring the queue length and waiting time, the store manager is able the react in real time to provide the best quality

 of service and to avoid the situations when customers give up purchase due to long waiting time.

•      08

Remote maintain and video viewing

All device can be configured remotely via the Internet without sending engineers to the site. And supports connection with

 existing cctv system to remote viewing video.

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