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China's leading provider of smart retail solutions

Wiwide is a leading provider of smart retail solutions in China. Business expansion, driven by science and technology - Wiwide is committed to promoting the transformation of China's offline retail scenarios through the application of digital and intelligent technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and information security, and becoming the most reliable partner for customers' digital transformation and large-scale expansion.


Wiwide is the pioneer of commercial IoT network services in China. Since 2007, it has carried out comprehensive commercial Wi Fi network services in China. It has created the Chinese commercial Wi Fi market with innovative technologies and products such as intelligent hardware, application services, and intelligent cloud platforms, and provides customers with IoT network coverage, access, network security, marketing and other services.


Taking commercial IoT as the starting point, Wiwide has rapidly expanded its business to the current smart retail field. Through commercial IoT and retail scene perception, it provides offline retail customers such as shopping centers and chain stores with end-to-end smart retail solutions of "hardware+algorithm+platform+application", helping customers accelerate the digitalization, intelligence and standardization of operation, management and decision-making, It will help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency, service innovation, business expansion, and ultimately improve the efficiency of the entire industry, and promote the intelligent development of retail.

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Adhering to basic technology research and development, and applying advanced technology to offline business scenarios are the unique advantages of Wiwide ahead of the industry. Wiwide's technology research and development has covered the whole chain of "sensor+algorithm+platform+application", with five major technology research institutes of intelligent hardware, AI algorithm, big data, Internet of Things, and information security, and has set up research and development centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

With its leading intelligent business technology, profound industry experience and nationwide service capability, Wiwide has served more than 400000 commercial sites, 2000+large-scale shopping centers, 500+well-known chain brands, 30+high-throughput airports, and 200+domestic large tertiary hospitals.

To be a strong promoter of China's business scenario technology change is the beautiful vision of Wiwide. In the next 10 years, Wiwide will be committed to participating in the growth of 1000 chain brands in China and providing leading intelligent commercial products, solutions and services for 1 million business places.

Our slogan
Business expansion driven by technology
Our Mission
Facing retail scenarios, using advanced technology to create the best products
Our Vision
Be a strong driving force for technological transformation in worldwide retail industry
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Customer first, result oriented, honest and trustworthySee oneself clearly and persist in progress
Our Founder
Our Founder
Jerry Zhang
Wiwide CEO / Co founder
Brave Yang
Wiwide CTO / Co founder
Our Investors
Our Investors
Maiwaidi has attracted investment from many well-known strategic investors, including Tencent Technology, Xiaomi Technology, Wanda Group, and others.
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Growing Path
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